Immerse visitors in your unique story

We all live in an age where we get bombarded with an average of over 5,000 marketing messages a day, and sometimes more too, in a city like Melbourne. Add to this the host of other streams of information, like news and social media feeds that we follow on the go – and we arrive at a staggeringly high number of message

The key benefits for tourism

Interactive tour guides
AR tour guides are able to display content upon request as visitors travel around a city, in a museum or at a theme park. Augmented reality allows users to explore the world by adding new layers of content to their reality, thus resulting in new interactive and highly dynamic experience.

Gamify event experiences
Make your conference a bit more fun by gamifying it with games, leaderboards and networking opportunities. AR brings a whole new creative avenue to the interactive possibilities at events. Organisers can take attendees on digital scavenger hunts or set up friendly competition stations for attendees to face-off in an augmented reality game.

Increased sharing opportunities
Augmented reality applications offer the possibility for social interaction and sharing among the various users. It is beyond doubt that applications leveraging the functionalities of AR must capitalise on the ability to share precious memories through social messaging integration.

Dreemar has a passionate team which can help you create immersive visitor experiences in AR. We also provide an in-depth analytics dashboard for all our AR experiences that will allow you to stay in the loop in real time. If you are interested to explore augmented reality options for tourism & events, send us a message or call us on +61 3 7505 0832.