Retail & Display

Imagine a future where in-store and e-commerce retail experiences offer strong emotional connections and ultimate convenience.  Where consumers immerse themselves in a digital layer of experiential marketing, and engage with your brand on an entirely different level.

With Augmented Reality (AR) applications for retail, you can create a completely new layer of information that transcends any previous shopping experience your provided previously.  From in-store treasure hunts, personalised shopping experiences exclusive to loyalty members, allow consumers the opportunity to visualise your product virtually anywhere and any setting, the opportunities are endless.


The Key Benefits For Retail

Increase Retail Foot Traffic

Given the immersive nature of AR, consumers develop a stronger emotional connect with your brand, encouraging them to want to try more experiences.

Measure Loyalty

One of the most beneficial aspects of AR, is that it can be completely customised to the user profile, as well as the location.  This not only adds relevance, but also makes the experience more life-like, which brings us to the next advantage.

Product Visualisation

Enable consumers to engage with brands and products via digital experiences that allow them to try on, try out, interact, or personalise their product virtually; these experiences help deliver more detailed and intuitive product information than any standard website experiences can provide.

Dreemar have an extensive global client base across multiple market sectors, driven to stay innovative and lead AR technology development.  We take pride in having a passionate team that can help guide your journey and assist in creating immersive visitor experiences in AR.

The Dreemar solution hosts a Management Console and possibly the world’s first integrated AR Analytics Dashboard that tracks real-time end user interaction with each and every campaign you run, a true measure of ROI.

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