The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination

Dreemar has transformed Augmented Reality (AR) with the world’s first AR solution incorporating real-time, data-rich, end-user Analytics to measure each AR campaigns views, shares, click-through’s and more. Never before has an AR platform provided critical closed-loop marketing analysis that can help measure ROI and steer future campaigns through data-driven feedback.

Create Your Own Reality

Dreemar’s intuitive Augmented Reality (AR) Management Studio platform provides an intuitive Client interface to create and manage your AR campaigns and related AR experiences in just a few minutes with no coding skills or technical experience.

Design the type of engagement using our simplistic user  toolkit, loading your content for each experience, with Dreemar providing help and support and even extending to developers and creators on content and customised App design where required.


Think Out of the Box

Dreemar has worked with  a global client base across multiple industry sectors including Tourism, Travel, Education, Healthcare, Packaging, Labels, Publishing, Realtors and many more of all sizes from some of the largest brand names to come of the smallest,  helping them to enhance their brand and impact on consumer messaging.

We can help you create memorable experiences to inform, educate, inspire and entertain your target audience.


Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

Augmented Reality (AR) is considered to be one of the most exciting developments in client and consumer engagement with much higher click-through rates when compared to traditional marketing and online channels.

The difference with the Dreemar AR solution is that every interaction is measurable through our world-leading analytical dashboard providing an accurate real-time picture of your clients behaviour and interaction with your published campaigns.

Unlock New Experiences

Augmented Reality (AR) delivers deeper connections by enhancing one’s real-world perception with impactful immersive experiences. While existing content can be used, most often, it is the artful design of custom content and ideas that truly unlock the power of AR with applications spanning virtually every industry and market sector.


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Wish to see the Dreemar Augmented Reality (AR) Studio in action?  Discuss some of our success-stories and experiences?  Maybe chat to us about an idea you have?  Whatever it may be, simply book an appointment and one of our AR experts will walk you through every aspect of AR, its application and potential impact within your needs.

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Augmented Reality Without Barriers

Dreemar continues to expand beyond traditional boundaries in its delivery of Augmented Reality. We are taking a lead in the next frontier of Augmented Reality called WebAR. This tech delivers immersive content via the browser on your mobile device without the need to download an app. Simply scanning a QR code or clicking a link starts your interaction with the augmented world.