Dreems to reality

Augmented Reality has been a game changer for many industries and is nothing short of magic. Whilst some may view AR as a tech gimmick, we have successfully proven the power of this technology to solve real world problems supported by our world-leading analytics.

Create your own reality

Create new opportunities to connect with your audience through our online AR Studio software. This intuitive platform allows you to create exciting AR experiences in just a few minutes. No coding skills and with a low-cost monthly subscription.


Thinking out the box

No need for our AR Studio? We work with clients across several key industries to design AR solutions to make your brand stand out. We can help you create memorable experiences to inform, educate, inspire and entertain your target audience.


Numbers speak louder than words

Augmented Reality is considered to be one of the most exciting developments in digital with much higher engagement and click-through rates compared to traditional digital channels. Every interaction is measurable, and our analytics dashboard will give you a sneak peek inside the mind of your customers.

Unlock new experiences

Augmented Reality delivers deeper connections by enhancing one’s real-world perception with impactful immersive experiences. While existing content can be used, most often, it is the artful design of custom content and ideas that truly unlock the power of AR.


Book a demonstration

Wish to see the Dreemar AR Studio in action? Discuss some of our success-stories and experiences? Maybe chat to us about an idea you have? Whatever it may be, simply book an appointment and one of our AR experts will be sure to get in touch shortly.

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Augmented reality without barriers

The next phase of development in augmented reality is WebAR which allows immersive content to be delivered straight via the browser on a smartphone, no need to stop and download an app. Simply scanning a QR code or just tapping a web link starts the interaction with the augmented world.