Packaging & Labels

We live in the information technology age, where packaging is expected to convey more meaningful, engaging information for the consumer.

However, the fact remains that every minute of every day, we are bombarded with streams of information.  From newscasts, social media, advertising in all its forms from billboards to vehicles to advertisements to packaging, we face information overload.  Not surprisingly, the majority of messages disappear amidst the many distractions and noise, forcing brand owners to become more creative in delivering more meaningful connections with their target audiences.


The Value In Packaging & Labels Applications

The Information Gateway
Packaging design is the most critical aspect of any brand promotion.  It identifies your brand, protects your product and increasingly provides a platform for sharing more information with consumers, however remains a largely passive brand asset.  Until now.

Multisensory Information Portal
Augmented Reality transforms, packaging into a multisensory, experience, stimulating, inspiring, entertaining and rewarding the consumer promoting brand loyalty, recognition, and excitement.

AR Creates An Engaging Universe
AR transforms the consumer journey, engaging them in a truly intimate and innovative way, not possible through other marketing channels.

AR creates an engaging, interactive window into what your brand represents, bridging the gap between the physical packaging and the digital experience to unlock more content and value for your brand.

Dreemar have an extensive global client base across multiple market sectors, driven to stay innovative and lead AR technology development.  We take pride in having a passionate team that can help guide your journey and assist in creating immersive visitor experiences in AR.

The Dreemar solution hosts a Management Console and possibly the world’s first integrated AR Analytics Dashboard that tracks real-time end user interaction with each and every campaign you run, a true measure of ROI.

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