Dreemar AR Platform

The Dreemar Augmented Reality (AR) Platform provides a unique AR Management Platform with possibly the world’s first integrated AR Analytical Engine.

The Dreemar Management Platform allows teams to manage and control their AR Campaigns and experiences.  Furthermore, clients can track end user engagement in real-time, providing immediate, measurable, data-rich information measuring the effectiveness of any Campaign and related ROI.

AR Platform

The Key Benefits For Dreemar Clients

The Leading AR Platform

Dreemar is a global market leader in Augmented Reality innovation.  We have created possibly the world’s first integrated AR Analytics engine measuring user interaction in real-time.

Equally important, we developed an intuitive Management Console through which marketeers create customised AR experiences with just a few clicks.  We have eliminated the need to have highly skilled AR experts to create your AR campaigns.

Opt-In Creates Brand Loyalty

Generally, AR requires customers to opt-in, and as a result Brand owners and marketeers witness higher engagement ratios given AR is a conscious interactive form of communication.


Dreemar provide real-time customer insights through the integrated Analytics Engine.  This data enhances and optimises your campaigns in real time for a higher ROI and contributes to future Campaigns elevating success.

Our Commitment

We are committed to continue to take a global lead in the direction and development of AR technology and be a steering force assisting our clients get the most out of the technology.

Our experienced team of experts guides you through every step of creating impactful campaigns for your consumer base.  The Dreemar solution is designed to provide immense power to brands to create and manage AR campaigns.

Our Augmented Reality platform has helped many brands add further value to their marketing and branding efforts.  Increased engagement and time spent with the brands often result in improved customer loyalty, a priceless asset for any business.

Dreemar have an extensive global client base across multiple market sectors, driven to stay innovative and lead AR technology development.  We take pride in having a passionate team that can help guide your journey and assist in creating immersive visitor experiences in AR.

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