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What are the file formats to be used for marker?

Please take note of the following properties of the image that can be used as a marker:
  • Choose an Image
    • Recommended resolution: 640 x 640 px (640 px on the longest side)
    • Accepted image format: PNG and JPG
    • Maximum image size: 1Mb, 2MP


  • Similarity Check
    • It’s highly recommended to avoid using stock photos by all means as these may already be utilized by other projects or apps.
    • It’s better to capture your unique content or create a custom design to avoid such issues.


  • Marker Quality
    • Markers can be rated from 1-5, with 4-5 stars being the strongest rating. To achieve this rate, it needs to be rich in detail, has good contrast, and have no repetitive patterns.
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