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An AR, whether it’s app-based or browser-based, needs to have a marker to trigger it. A marker can be a photo or a QR code as long as it has distinct patterns that cameras can easily recognize and process, and are visually independent of the environment around them.
After creating a Scene, a marker image should be uploaded in order to proceed to Dreemar Editor.  In uploading a marker image in the Dreemar Admin Portal, the following steps must be completed:
  • Choose an Image – in choosing an image, you can either drag and drop the file in the upload area or manually upload it from your local device.


  • Similarity Check – this step is automatically conducted by the system. The marker image has to be unique.


  • Marker Quality – this step is automatically conducted by the system. We rate the markers to check how well your augmented reality experience will be detected by our technology.


  • Once the marker image passed the similarity check and marker quality, click Continue to proceed. Else, click Change to replace the initial marker.

Below is a sample screenshot of a marker image that passed both the similarity check and marker quality:



After uploading an image marker successfully, Dreemar Admin Portal will redirect you to Dreemar Editor > Marker and start creating your immersive AR! 
The user can change the marker anytime by clicking the Change button if needed. This will route you back to the window where you need to select a new marker image, and then the system will automatically check the similarity and marker quality.
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