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Dreemar Admin Portal Overview

The Dreemar Admin Portal provides access to AppsCampaignsScenesTeam, and Clients.
  • Apps is the section where you can display any branded apps you decide to create. A branded app can be as simple as re-branding the Dreemar app with your own company or individual logo and name and it can be more.
  • Campaigns is the section that is the starting point of any augmented reality creation.
  • Scenes is the section in the Dreemar Admin that bridges the structure and user journey of AR experiences.
  • Team is the section that allows you to invite other members of your family or company to participate in the creation of scenes and campaigns.
  • Clients – is the section for companies or individuals that will build Dreemar AR solutions on behalf of other third-parties


The Dreemar Admin Portal also provides access to your Profile and Billing.


  • Profile is the section where you can modify your account’s name and change your account’s password.
  • Billing is the section where you can access your account’s billing overview, usage, billing details, payment method, and billing history.
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