Reasons to Include Augmented Reality (AR)

Dreemar explores several reasons why you should seriously consider Augmented Reality as part of your marketing toolkit.

We live in an increasingly digital world, with billions of active internet users and growing.  The increasing dependency on digital mediums makes it imperative that your brand creates compelling reasons to attract consumers .

Augmented Reality (AR) is more than just a technological gimmick.  Unquestionably, it is a powerful, flexible marketing tool to inform, engage and entertain a diverse variety of audiences.

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Key Reasons To Consider AR

Differentiated Immersive Experiences

Given the immense digital noise around us, it takes something different and memorable to attract the right kind of attention and reasons to proceed.

AR is the ideal platform to create that buzz through an immersive, highly engaging multisensory content link.  Multiple global studies have shown brand retention measure of 60% compared to only 10% for traditional methods.

Additionally, AR naturally commands higher levels of engagement compared to other forms of marketing tools.  The reason AR provides uninterrupted attention is that it is an opt-in service.

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Unmatched Versatility

AR is limited only by your imagination.  There are few other technologies that are as versatile as AR and critically can be remodelled to meet changing needs in real-time.

As COVID-19 grabbed our attention, AR allowed our clients to continue engaging with audiences, irrespective of social distancing and quarantine norms.  Further, incorporating video, 2D or 3D animations, Surveys, Games, AR provides greater flexibility and a dynamic opportunity to change a story-line and engagement model.

High Impact

AR is a unique, immersive tool allowing consumers to experience your product or service prior to an actual purchase.  AR allows a consumer to inspect and interact, creating compelling reasons to purchase your brand.  AR is unique in this context and a differentiator across the marketing toolkit.

Virtual try-ons and product visualization are increasingly the norm, driving sales as customers tend to complete a purchase following a pleasant, memorable and interactive experience.

Rich Insights

Unlike other channels in digital marketing, the Dreemar solution provides you with a measurable ROI Analytical Engine.

Dreemar’s AR Analytics provides real-time, deep insights into consumer behaviour to accurately measure what is working and what isn’t.  This can help refine your marketing strategy and contribute insights to improve your product or service.  Analytics give you honest, real time feedback direct from the consumer, achieving a gold-standard in measurable ROI data and compelling reasons to consider AR as an essential part of your marketing mix.

Dreemar have an extensive global client base across multiple market sectors, driven to stay innovative and lead AR technology development.  We take pride in having a passionate team that can help guide your journey and assist in creating immersive visitor experiences in AR.

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