Augmented Reality | Opportunities for Brand Engagement

Dreemar discusses how innovations in Augmented Reality boost Brand Engagement transforming static two-dimensional packaging and labels into immersive, interactive multi-sensory engagement platforms transforming Brand communication with the consumer base.

Dreemar discusses how Augmented Reality (AR) boosts Brand engagement with PKN Magazine and its application as a powerful marketing platform that transforms static two-dimensional graphic and textual components of packaging, labels, POS and other Brand promotion assets, into a more powerful multi-sensory interactive engagement strategy.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality capitalises on the fact that almost every consumer for any given product irrespective of market segment, carries a mobile device, furthermore that mobile device is an intricate part of their lives waking them up in the morning and connecting them both socially with family and friends and for work via email, social media chat applications and dedicated apps.  Consumers simply scan a designated area or even a complete package or label to experience additional content providing further information relating to the product such as a video commercial, 2D or 3D animated interaction, game or entry to a survey or rewards based system.

In this article we share valuable insights & hot tips on how you can reap the benefits of Augmented Reality, one of the fastest evolving marketing platforms that enhance the value of any printed Packaging and Label and examine technological advances that will continue to impact the evolution of AR advancing consumer engagement in ways that you can only imagine.

“Marketers spend so much effort on the physical product and yet fail to reinforce their messaging through interactive customer engagement, nor receive any meaningful analytics by which they can measure the effectiveness of any marketing campaign.  Adding an Augmented Reality digital content layer delivers two key benefits…” Read the full article here for further insights into this amazing technological breakthrough that brings another dimension to Brand and consumer engagement.

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