Opportunities For Brand Engagement

In this #Blog we share insights & ideas on how you can optimise and reap the benefits of AR to elevate Brand engagement, specifically in the context of Packaging and Labels in this example.

AR is undoubtedly one of the fastest evolving marketing platforms in the packaging and label market enhancing the value of any printed Packaging and Label.  We examine technological advances that will continue to impact the evolution of AR, advancing the Brand to consumer engagement.


AR Elevates Brand Engagement

Capitalise On Data Driven Consumerism

Augmented Reality (AR) provides Brand owners the ideal platform for brand engagement given the majority of consumers for any given product carry a mobile device.

Mobile technology and access to the internet form a symbiotic relationship with consumers in their quest to search information prior to purchasing decisions.  In view of this reliance on mobile technology that has impacted every aspects of our lives, AR enabled consumers simply scan a Brands packaging or label to experience additional AR content.  AR provides a multisensory, interactive and extensive experience for a consumer, setting it apart from all other forms of marketing promotion.

Brand Analytical Feedback

“Marketers spend so much effort on the physical product and yet fail to reinforce their messaging through interactive customer engagement”.

Furthermore, marketers fail to receive any meaningful analytics to measure the effectiveness of any marketing campaign.  Adding an Augmented Reality digital content layer delivers two key benefits… ”

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