Integrated AR Analytics

Dreemar AR continues to define and shape the future of AR launching possibly the world’s first integrated AR Analytics Engine.  Dreemars Analytics engine measures how impactful and successful an AR Campaign and related experiences is perceived in real-time.  AR Analytics provides real-time data of each and every end-user interaction, building a detailed user profile that drives future campaigns with improved success.

With AR Analytics tracking the outcome of AR campaigns, Brands better understand how consumers interact with their products.


The Key Benefits For Integrated Analytics

Analytics – What Can Be Measured?

The Dreemar integrated AR Analytics, accurately measure the success of AR campaigns with a target audience.  Through real-time data rich end-user engagement profiles, the analytics identify areas of improvement, expansion (or removal), based on reliable, accurate user driven feedback.

Analytics “Engagement Rate”

The “engagement” rate measures the level of interaction between end users and experiences.

The level of engagement helps determine if your audience identifies with the content based on time spent and returns.

Furthermore, AR Analytics provides a measurable advantage in terms of measuring a brand’s engagement through call-to-action buttons (email, contact us, survey participation etc.) and associated “click-through” rate (CTR) percentage.

Analytics “Dwell Time”

The total amount of time spent by a user on an AR experience is called the “dwell time”.  The time is calculated from the moment the experience is activated until the user returns to the content link’s source or exits the experience completely.

The more time spent interacting with the content, the more compelling the content must be to the end user.  The dwell time unquestionably helps marketers identify which message and experience is the most impactful and cost-effective.

Per User Page Views

Page Views can either be the unique page view, or page views per user.

Unique page views refer to an end-user visiting a particular experience for the first time.  By comparison, “per user page views” is the number of times a single user has visited the same experience.  The page view constantly monitors parameters such as the number of visitors (users), impressions, and hits.  This metric allows brands to accurately measure how often consumers initiate an experience and if they return.

Typically, end-users choose to revisit an experience to review the same content and additionally to check for updated information.  In light of this behaviour, Analytics helps Brands put a number to this engagement and repeat behaviour.  Accordingly, the data identifies which promotion has drawn the highest engagement and where further content is required to enhance a further campaign.

Dreemar have an extensive global client base across multiple market sectors, driven to stay innovative and lead AR technology development.  We take pride in having a passionate team that can help guide your journey and assist in creating immersive visitor experiences in AR.

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