Increase engagement and enhance retention

Incorporating immersive technologies like augmented reality into education has been shown to improve learning efficiency and is more effective at teaching students than compared to other media such as books, videos or desktop computer experiences. From history and math to chemistry and biology, with some creativity AR can be incorporated into practically any subject.

The key benefits for education

Increased student engagement
Perhaps the most exciting benefit is students’ enthusiasm about using AR when learning. A high enthusiasm to engage with AR experiences is noted in many research studies where users report feeling higher satisfaction, having more fun and being more willing to repeat the AR experience.

Enhanced retention and recall
Research indicates that content learned through augmented reality experiences is memorised more strongly than through non-AR experiences and is significantly more likely to be recalled one week later, compared to content learned through paper or video media.

Immersive storytelling
AR uses interactive 3d animated imagery to assist in conveying key story elements. This tech really adds another immersive dimension to illustrations in a children’s book. A hybrid experience that delivers tactility, delights the senses and enhances the key messaging to the vital storyline.

Dreemar has a passionate team which can help you create exciting educational experiences in AR. We also provide an in-depth analytics dashboard for all our AR experiences that will allow you to stay in the loop in real time. If you are interested to explore augmented reality options for education & training, send us a message or call us on +61 3 7505 0832