Dreems to Reality

Dreemar has partnered with a diverse range of clients globally delivering solutions across Tourism, Education, Healthcare, Publishing, Packaging, Realtor, Labels & Signage and many more.

Check out some examples of our software in action to help inspire your creativity and demonstrate the possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR) and just how far we can take your Dreems.


How Augmented Reality (AR) Works

A Basic Summary of What Augmented Reality is And How it Works.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that overlays a layer of digital content in your real world view using the camera on your smartphone and an app.  A variety of content can be overlaid including video (normal, green-screen or even 360-degree panning views), 2D or 3D models, animation, audio and even real-time spatial data can be displayed.

Experiences can be triggered by just about anything in the real world; whether an image, object or even a QR code.  Once a trigger is recognised by our technology almost any combination of content experiences can be delivered.

Types of Augmented Reality (AR)

There are Many Different Types of AR Depending on Your Needs

There are numerous types of triggers that can be used to activate an augmented reality experience and they can be used across a wide variety of applications within the retail, education, tourism, property development and packaging sectors just to name a few.

Below is a brief description of the types of augmented reality triggers we can track. This will provide you with more understanding on the types of applications in which our technology could be best utilised to help you solve problems.

Image Tracking

Recognise specific images as triggers.
Amaze users with interactive magazines, brochures, printed catalogs and packaging.

Cylinder Tracking

Recognise cylinder-based object as triggers.
Add engaging content to bottles, cans, and any other cylinder-shaped targets.

Object Tracking

Recognise products, toys and objects as triggers.
Enhance any physical objects with an informative digital layer of relevant content.

Ground Tracking

Recognise flat physical surfaces as triggers.
Ideal for product placements or design visualisations in your home or office environment.

Geo Tracking

Recognise physical locations as triggers.
Boost geographical points of interest with interesting and meaningful information.

Face Tracking

Recognise general face feature-points as triggers.
Create some fun with exciting and creative face-filters designed to entertain and delight.

Live The Experience

Here is where we stop talking about Augmented Reality (AR) and give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself. Download the Dreemar app from the app stores and use it to scan any of the markers below to witness AR in action.