Unlock New Experiences

Dreemar Augmented Reality (AR) Services deliver deeper brand to consumer connections by enhancing one’s real-world perception with impactful immersive multi-sensory experiences.  AR quite literally has no limitations outside of one’s imagination.

Let us explore some services you may wish to consider in your AR campaigns.

Content Creation

Impactful and immersive content is the key to highly engaging AR experiences, but often you may not have the in-house capabilities of developing 3D content or animations.

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Game Development

AR is literally changing the game when it comes to modern gaming, and most of us have already been witness to these massive changes over the last few years like the PokemonGO craze.

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Augmented reality is more than just a novelty. With a creative idea and clear strategy, it stands to be one of the driving forces behind your sales and marketing efforts over the next decade.

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Custom Apps

App development is limited by your imagination. With the right idea and the right developer, you can create high impact experiences that will help inform, educate, entertain and inspire.

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