Make the world your playground with AR Games

A few years back, this title would have been seen as an exaggerated statement, but not anymore – as augmented reality games have allowed us to make this an everyday reality. AR is literally changing the game when it comes to modern gaming, and most of us have already been witness to these massive changes over the last few years like the massive PokemonGO craze.

Augmented reality games, just like other AR apps, infuse the real world with virtual objects, creating a completely different level of interactivity and fun. Because of their potential to make even the most mundane games more immersive and engaging, augmented reality games are really catching on. This is completely in line with the evolution we see in the way Australians consume media and entertainment today – in terms of how they access it and their attitudes towards it. People have an insatiable urge to see something new, and AR, with its ability to create something new each time, opens up a world of opportunities to all types of content creators and marketers.

Augmented reality games need not only be about entertainment though. They can be a part of your brand’s engagement strategy, to deliver key messages in an interesting and impactful way. We can say that augmented reality games are creating unlimited new possibilities in the advertising and gaming industries in Australia. They can offer value to your target audiences in ways that can increase your brand’s perceived value as well.

The benefits of AR Games

Stronger Emotional Connect
Given the immersive nature of AR gaming, it is only natural for the players, aka your consumers, to develop a stronger emotional connect with your brand. This brand interaction in the mixed reality will definitely impact how they interact with your brand in their real world.

Increased Customization
The best part about AR gaming is the fact that it can be completely customized to the user profile, as well as the location that they are in. This not only adds to the relevance, but will also make the experience a lot more life-like for the players, which brings us to the next advantage…

Higher Engagement
There is no doubt that augmented reality games give a much higher level of engagement on all fronts – including dwell time and even product awareness. The quality of engagement is high, with many well-designed AR games increasing purchase intent as a result of the gaming experience, making these great high ROI marketing tools.

Dreemar has partnered with many brands including MYER & Arnott’s to create engaging AR games that not only increase the time spent with the brand, but also impact the way they are now perceived, keeping consumers hooked to the brand. If you would like to co-create an immersive engagement experience for your brand with augmented reality games, waste no time in reaching out to us!