Frequently Asked Questions

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Augmented Reality (AR) is technology that overlays an additional layer of content in your physical world viewed through the camera and display on your mobile device through a dedicated App or browser.  A variety of content can be overlaid including video, 3d models and animation and even real-time spatial data can be displayed.  This content is called an “experience”.

An AR experiences can be triggered by just about anything by using the mobile device camera to scan an image, object or even a QR code.  Once a trigger is recognised by the AR system, almost any combination of content experiences can be delivered.  Examples of AR experiences include face filters and the game Pokémon Go.

Augmented Reality (AR) enables users to interact with their physical world via their mobile device camera and display.  This technology adds a layer of content on the device screen whilst still enabling users to see the real world through their phone camera.

Virtual Reality (VR) enables users to interact with a virtual world via a specialised head-mounted display or headsets.  This technology places users in a completely immersive experience that shuts them out of the physical world.

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We also have several examples published on our YouTube Channel to provide an insight into some of our clients applications.

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