Dreemar Augmented Reality Platform

Dreemar are a global market leader in Augmented Reality innovation.  We have created possibly the first integrated AR Analytics engine to measure end user interaction to determine the effective ROI of any campaign and developed an intuitive Management Console, through which Brand owners and marketeers to create customised AR experiences with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to have a highly skilled AR expert in-house team or outsource your work to an external agency.

Dreemar explores how Augmented Reality  (AR) is a mainstream marketing platform and communication vehicle.  Significantly from education, entertainment, healthcare to virtual shopping, AR has found its place across all industries.  In particular, leading global brands are successfully using AR to expand and deepen their connections with the consumer base.

Dreemar | The Leading Augmented Reality Platform

Dreemar unquestionably, is a global market leader in Augmented Reality innovation.  We have created possibly the first integrated AR Analytics engine measuring user interaction to determine the effective ROI.   Equally important, we developed an intuitive Management Console through which marketeers create customised AR experiences with a few clicks.  That is to say, we have eliminated the need to have highly skilled AR experts to create your AR campaigns.  From standalone apps to connected packaging, your imagination comes to life without worrying about coding or other related hassles.


Augmented Reality Consumer Opt-In

Generally AR requires customers to opt-in, and as a result you witness higher engagement ratios.   Basically, as AR is a conscious interactive form of communication, consumers feel closer to the product or service.  Most important, Dreemar provide real-time customer insights through the Dreemar Analytics Dashboard.  This data enhances and optimises your campaigns in real time for a higher ROI.



At Dreemar, we have a global account base across corporate, retail, tourism, education and the publishing and packaging sectors.  Certainly, we are committed to assist our clients get the most out of AR.  Our experienced team of AR experts guide you through every step of creating impactful AR campaigns for your audiences.  Dreemar Augmented Reality Platform is designed to provide immense power to brands to create and manage AR campaigns.

Our Augmented Reality platform has helped many brands globally to add further value to their marketing and branding efforts.  Increased engagement and time spent with the brands often result in improved customer loyalty, a priceless asset for any business.  Schedule an online demo to understand what is possible, or simply contact us for more information.

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