Data-Driven Decisions

Data-Driven Marketing is Critical

In a world that is already in the grasp of performance marketing, it becomes imperative to have measurable ROI on all your marketing investments.  Digital marketing can provide us with precise information about how effective our marketing communication platforms perform and critically what works and what doesn’t.

Dreemar Transforms AR Through Analytics to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Augmented Reality (AR) has been considered to be one of the most exciting developments in digital marketing, and rightly so.  Leading businesses globally both large and small have adopted AR as a way to enhance their marketing communication through a more informative, interactive and immersive experience.  What makes this successful is that as consumers opt-in to experience AR, numerous surveys have shown that AR driven campaigns command higher engagement ratios and greater end user time spent as compared to traditional digital marketing devices.  And now with Dreemar AR solutions, every interaction is measurable, tracking every user interaction, time spent on every experience etc., to provide invaluable customer insights, increase the ROI and drive data-driven decisions of the future.

Effectiveness of AR Marketing

Dreemar’s integrated AR Analytical solution provides the real-time dynamism of AR campaigns giving rise to a minefield of rich data providing end user insights in real-time, from which experiences have the highest engagement ratio and which bring about higher conversions.  With the help of our AR analytics, you are able to see the exact duration of time the product experience was viewed, what other product experiences were viewed in the same session, and what action your customer chose to take post engagement with your brand’s AR experience.  If we may say, augmented data analytics is no less than getting a sneak peek inside the mind of your consumers!


World-leading AR Analytics Dashboard

At Dreemar, we provide one of the leading Augmented Reality Analytics dashboard to monitor all your campaigns and related experiences, to assess in real-time the effectiveness and engagement ratio of each.  As all interactions on content are measurable, you derive rich, strategic insights to guide future campaigns based on facts.  Our customized AR analytics are user-friendly, and will help you to see how you can improve customer engagement and conversions, to get more out of your marketing investment.

Take a look at our analytics dashboard in action:

Our client base is global extending across multiple industry sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Auto, Packaging, labels, Publishing, Tourism, Travel and so many more market sectors across both large and small organisations. See our Blog on Augmented Reality Analytics Here.

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