Augmented Reality Services

Dreemar explores how Augmented Reality (AR) applications and services have been available some time and gaining in popularity in marketing communication, where it is used by many brands to improve and increase customer engagement and sales, however there is so much more to AR beyond gimmicky promotional activities.

Dreemar examines how Augmented Reality (AR) applications and services are gaining in popularity in end-user communication.  AR is used by global brands to enhance consumer engagement thereby increasing sales volume.  Above all, AR makes a real impact on the lives of people across education, healthcare, retail, and more.  Comparatively, AR has proven to advance understanding for those with impaired learning as a further example.

Specifically, AR overlays a digital content layer (video, sound, animation and even GPS data etc.) over a real-world view.  This immersive experience is activated by scanning an image or text component.  This makes AR extremely versatile with many practical applications across a diverse range of industries.  Specifically, AR Services and Solutions raise the bar in enhancing the customer experience.

Augmented Reality Services | Retail

From clothing and accessories to home décor, brands provide a new spin to the “try before you buy” paradigm.  AR applications allow consumers to visualise how furniture or an accessory look ahead of a decision to purchase.  Brand owners incorporate AR as a means to improving the customer experience thus driving higher sales volume and profitability.


Augmented Reality Services | Education & Training

Similarly, AR enhances understanding and aids comprehension in the field of education.  From making exhibits come alive to virtual guided tours in a museum, AR continues to add value.  Further, games incorporating complex educational concepts create greater understanding in the learning process, making it more engaging for students.



In the medical profession, AR assists surgeons during complex surgeries, providing vital information to make real-time decisions.  Consequently, surgeons take the right course of action without prior experience.  Additionally, Hospitals utilise AR Services in diagnostic procedures and patient interaction through completion of surveys, medical questionnaires etc.


Travel & Tourism

AR has proven to be a bonanza for the travel and tourism industry delivering relevant information based on a user’s location.  Local surroundings and location data assist in providing customised suggestions and serve as a virtual tour guide.  Interactive maps, language and guidance assist and more are used to provide clear instruction and a more enjoyable consumer experience.  This has spurred new trends with more travellers venturing to unknown destinations thanks to smart AR apps.



Military and aviation applications lead the way with heads-up interactive displays.  The defence, engineering, education, healthcare and construction industries are all examples of AR uptake.  There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to AR Services, and so much more to explore.


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