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Our Augmented Reality Solutions can bring your dreems to life.

admin Mon, August 31, 2020

Augmented Reality Solutions

The marketing environment today is rather cut-throat and cluttered, and it helps to have a way to stand out in an impactful way. Augmented Reality (AR) is what you can turn to in such a situation. We create and design augmented reality solutions that not only help your brand garner the attention it deserves, but also create immersive engagement for your target audiences to keep them hooked to your brand, and also measure the impact on your investment.

AR doesn’t need you to reinvent the wheel, and one of the best parts about this technology is that it can greatly enhance the impact of what you already have. At Dreemar, we are adept at helping brands like yours explore multiple possibilities using AR across various touchpoints.

1) Packaging

How would it be to make your packaging come alive to interact with your end consumer, while your product is being consumed? You could use your existing packaging to deliver contextually relevant messages and promotional offers to keep your consumer hooked to your brand. You can also use your packaging to gain real time feedback, to offer better, customized products the next time. How is that for impact? If this sounds exciting, then you can check out our augmented reality solutions for connected packaging.

2) Retail

Want to drive more interactive engagement even before your brand is selected from an overcrowded supermarket aisle? Now you can turn your passive print assets at the point of purchase into immersive digital channels for your brand. Using AR within a retail environment is extremely easy to implement within the existing marketing and supply chain. Our augmented reality solutions team in Melbourne is an expert at doing this in a way that will also add value to your existing customers, and also give you rich data for mining insights.

3) Activation & Events

Experiential marketing is here to stay, and you can use AR to milk the most out of your activation initiative. It is a known fact that any kind of tangible, physical experiences can drive better engagement and impact, and when this is combined with a digital overlay, the result can be astounding. Our experts have used AR to create immersive experiences that increase dwell time, and leads as well. Many leading brands across Australia use augmented reality solutions to amp up their engagement.

Our augmented reality solutions have proved to be a game changer for our clients. Our past work has given great ROI, which is why we have earned clients not just from Melbourne, but from all over Australia. Feel free to give us a call and chat with our experts on how AR can help you make your brand assets work better for you. Or you could just click here to book an online demo with Dreemar.