Augmented Reality Platform

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admin Sun, August 2, 2020

Augmented Reality Platform

Augmented reality has been a buzzword for some years now, and the widespread penetration of smart phones and other handheld devices have helped it become more mainstream in the consumer market today. From education to entertainment and medical science to virtual shopping, AR is finding newer applications across industries even as you read this. Leading businesses across the globe are successfully using AR to deepen their connections with their customers and impact their bottom line. Unlike what it is often made out to be, developing AR solutions for your brand need not be an expensive and time consuming proposition.

At Dreemar, we create new opportunities for brands and businesses to connect with their audiences in never before ways through our intuitive augmented reality platform. This platform allows you to create customized AR experiences with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to have an in-house team or outsource your work to an external agency. From standalone apps to connected packaging, you can bring your imagination to life any way you choose to, without having to worry about coding or other hassles. As most AR experiences require customers to opt-in, you will see higher engagement ratios as compared to most other traditional channels and get access to strategic, real-time customer insights through the Dreemar Analytics Dashboard. You could use those to enhance and optimize your campaigns in real time for better ROI and a sharper edge over your competitors.

At Dreemar, we have an array of well-loved names in the corporate, retail and tourism sectors as our clients. We are committed to help our clients get the most out of AR. Our experienced team of AR experts will fill in for an in-house team, and will be available to guide you through every step of creating impactful AR experiences for your audiences. In other words, the Dreemar augmented reality platform is designed to provide immense power to brands when it comes to creating and managing AR experiences.

Our augmented reality platform has helped many brands not only in Melbourne, but also in Australia to add more value to their marketing and branding efforts and the results have been nothing short of incredible, at the very least. Increased engagement and time spent with the brands often result in improved customer loyalty, a priceless asset for any business. If this sounds exciting, you can schedule an online demo to understand what is possible, or just call us on 03 7505 0832 to speak to our experts in office.