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admin Sat, August 1, 2020

Augmented Reality Marketing

The marketing world has seen huge changes driven by evolving customer needs and newer technologies. Augmented Reality (AR) has played a significant role in this, by continuing consumer conversations in ways and times never thought possible earlier. Today, more than ever, we see marketing tactics being dictated by customer preferences. Brands are spending more time, effort and budgets to understand who their customers are and what they really want from the brand, to craft unique experiences that not only engage, but also add value with every interaction.

What makes augmented reality marketing really important in this scheme of things is the fact that it puts the customer first. It is non intrusive, and succeeds in meeting different types of customer needs with every interaction. This also results in much higher levels of user engagement and conversions as compared to most other marketing channels. It is no surprise then that it has become a preferred choice by brands big and small. No matter what type of product / service you offer, there are many ways you can effectively use augmented reality as part of your marketing tactics.

The multiple ways you can use augmented reality in your marketing efforts

1. Try before you buy

This one has always been an exciting proposition for customers through the ages. It is rare for prospective customers to refuse an option to experience the product, before they make the purchase decision. This has led to augmented shopping becoming quite a trend in both retail and ecommerce, with virtual dressing rooms, vehicle test drives and even augmented home décor becoming common across Melbourne and Australia.

2. Improve brand engagement

As AR is an opt-in medium, it commands a much higher degree of attention and engagement from those who seek to engage with the brand. This can create lasting impact in the minds of the target group, and help the brand stand out amidst the communication clutter. Moreover, brands who have employed augmented reality marketing to boost engagement have also reported higher levels of brand loyalty and brand satisfaction from their customers.

3. Better post purchase support

AR can be a wonderful tool to enhance the post-purchase experience as well. It can be used to inform customers about ways to get the most out of their purchase, as well as offer easier service and support with AR manuals. This way, augmented reality can continue feeding the marketing funnel from pre-sales to post sales and repurchase.

As you would have seen, using augmented reality in marketing is a win-win for everyone involved. At Dreemar, we make it easier for brands to create unique and high impact AR experiences with more ease than ever, in a quick, scalable and affordable manner. We have a track record of enhancing ROI on marketing using augmented reality marketing, which has earned us clients not only from Melbourne, but all across Australia as well. If you would like to know more, just click here to book an online demo with our experts at Dreemar.