Augmented Reality Examples

Bringing digital dreems to life

Augmenting digital dreams into reality.

A showcase of some of our best augmented reality work examples.

Augmented reality (AR) has really been the most exciting topic in the marketing and advertising world since some time now, and it is not without reason. The biggest brands across the globe are finding newer ways to integrate this technology into their campaigns, as well on their ecommerce portals – all with the intention to offer an enriching and value-added user experience. But augmented reality has many more applications beyond just being a marketing or promotional gimmick.

Implementing AR solutions can really add so much more to an otherwise mundane interaction. It can offer a mix of higher engagement, improved value and increased brand loyalty, all together. It isn’t surprising then that we have more industries adopting this in innovative ways, giving us a variety of live augmented reality examples in Melbourne and across Australia.

Dreemar has partnered with different types of clients from marketing, advertising, FMCG, tourism, automobiles, education, print, retail and more to develop customized augmented reality solutions for their brands. Our team has a single-minded focus – to not use AR as a gimmicky tool, but to use it for creating effective solutions for your real world concerns.

All of our projects start off with a detailed briefing, during which we understand your real objectives from AR. We do not try to force-fit AR into any existing campaign, but look at ways to integrate it, to create a lasting impact with a differentiated and relevant campaign. The fact that we apply our experience in marketing and communications to create an intuitive, immersive and impactful AR experience right from the concept and creative to the final delivery makes us much more than a technology partner for an AR app.

We would love for you to check out augmented reality examples of our work for our clients from Melbourne and other cities in Australia. From packaging that tells the brand story, to an immersive forest classroom for young kids, a community engagement activation for a quirky township and more, these examples of our augmented reality work spell out not only what is possible, but how far you can dreem.


Whether you are in fashion or lifestyle, engineering, construction, healthcare, travel or retail, we are confident of creating a customized AR solution that will add more value to your reality. If this sounds exciting, you can always give us a call on 03 7505 0832.