Augmented Reality Studio

Our Augmented Reality (AR) Platform Can Create a World Around You

Augmented Reality (AR) provides a more meaningful, impactful and immersive form of consumer engagement with Dreemar leading the way.   To clarify, AR is not a technology gimmick, rather it is unquestionably an essential tool in marketing communications.  Tourism; Education; Healthcare; Packaging; Labels; Publishing; Realtors; Travel and many other sectors have made AR commonplace the world over.

Augmented Reality is Limited Only By Your Imagination

The applications of AR are limited only to your imagination, given any idea is the base to create high impact experiences that can inform, educate, entertain and inspire.   Many brand owners, corporations and companies large and small are using AR to create deeper connections with their target audiences by enhancing their users’ real-world perception with artfully created visuals, sound and motion.

In the information clutter today, creating immersive experiences with AR can help brands excel and stand out from the crowd, whether it is enhancing packaging that provides greater depth of information about the product to a consumer or visualizing how a piece of furniture would look in your home without actually taking it out of the store, AR is pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

AR increases Consumer Loyalty

But AR isn’t just about stopping at possibilities, it is what happens after these possibilities are created which is what is the most exciting for brands.  Consumers who have experienced a brand-centric AR interaction during pre and post-purchase have reported feeling a much higher level of satisfaction and loyalty towards that brand.  Thus investing in an AR Creation Platform is an investment that can reap rich rewards by reducing buyer risk and increasing loyalty and repeat business.

The Dreemar Augmented Reality Studio

The Dreemar AR Studio allows you to create your very own AR experiences within minutes, without the hassle of coding or AR experience.  The Dreemar AR Studio Platform was designed for marketeers and their staff to create an intuitive and flexible platform for the creation of AR campaigns and related experiences.

The integrated dashboard allows you to keep track of, and manage, all your AR campaigns, load, edit and publish experiences and critically monitor each campaign and experience through the Analytics Dashboard to understand the exact end-user interaction with each campaign to provide a real-world view of the ROI.

If you have some very specific development needs, you can always get in touch with us. Whatever idea you may have, our AR developers can assist you with our unique technology, creativity and strategy to bring your idea to life!

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