Augmented Reality Bringing Dreams To Life

Bringing Dreams to Life

Bringing Dreams To Life

Augmented Reality (AR) has been one of the most exciting topics in the marketing, brand promotion and advertising world for several years, and it is not without reason given AR is one of the few technologies that literally brings your thoughts and dreams to life.  Some of the largest brands across the globe are finding increasingly innovative ways of integrating this technology into their various marketing campaigns, all with the intention of offering an enriching and value-added user experience.  But augmented reality has many more applications beyond just being a marketing or promotional tool.

Augmented Reality is More Than Just A Marketing Tool

Implementing AR solutions adds significant value to an otherwise mundane customer interaction.  It can offer a mix of higher engagement, improved value and increased brand loyalty, through an interactive, immersive, multi-sensory engagement that no other marketing media could possibly hope to achieve.  It isn’t surprising therefore that Dreemar has seen an expansion of applications ranging across Education, Healthcare, Tourism, Travel, Packaging, labels, Publishing, Realtors and more.

The Dreemar Advantage

Dreemar has partnered with these different types of clients across marketing, advertising, etc., to develop customised AR solutions for their brands.  Our team has a single-minded focus to deliver a continual expansion of world-leading AR solutions that incorporate one of the world’s first integrated Analytical Engines to measure ROI and the provision of an intuitive Management Console to manage all AR Campaigns and experiences.

All of our projects start with a detailed briefing, during which we understand your objectives, perceptions, concerns and future vision from which we can provide guidelines and advance to assist in realising the final solution.  We do not try to force-fit AR into any existing campaign, rather look at ways to integrate it, that creates a lasting impact with a differentiated and relevant campaign.  The fact that we apply our experience in marketing and communications to create an intuitive, immersive and impactful AR experience right from the concept, and creative content to the final delivery, makes us much more than a commercialisation and technology partner for an AR requirement.

We provide a wide range of services and solutions to meet practically any requirement, indeed we invite you to follow the links below to review some of our published work.  Should there be an interest we welcome the opportunity of discussing further through our Contacts Form.

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