Augmented Reality Analytics

Augmented Reality (AR) is considered to be another of the most exciting developments in digital marketing.  Moreover, in a world of performance marketing, measurable ROI of your marketing investments is critical.  Performance marketing provides precise information of the effectiveness of a marketing program, unquestionably a critical requirement.  Dreemar developed one of the world’s first integrated Augmented Reality Analytics Engines.  Uniquely integrated, Dreemar Analytics provides precise end user interactive engagement data from which to base future campaigns.

Leading brands globally have adopted AR as a way to augment and enhance their marketing communication, from some of the largest to the smallest of companies, AR provides a platform of choice for a more effective communication’s strategy.  What makes this successful is that as consumers opt-in to experience AR, it commands higher engagement ratios and time spent as compared to traditional digital marketing devices and through Dreemar AR solutions, every interaction is measurable, making it an incredibly easy to evaluate ROI.

The real-time dynamism of AR campaigns gives rise to a minefield of rich data that provide end-user insights immediately from which experiences have the highest engagement ratio to which platforms bring about higher conversions.  With the help of AR analytics, you are able to see the exact duration of time that your product experience was viewed, what other experiences were viewed in the same session, and what actions the end user chose to take following engagement with your brand’s AR experience.  AR data analytics is no less than getting a sneak peek inside the mind of your consumers!

ROIClick-Through RateCampaigns-Launched

At Dreemar, we provide a detailed Augmented Reality Analytics dashboard for all your campaigns.  As all interactions with the content you have published are measurable, you derive rich, strategic insights to guide future campaigns based on factual end-user data derived from their interaction with each AR Campaign.  Our customised AR Analytics are user-friendly and assist with how you can improve customer engagement and conversions, improving your marketing investment by engaging your customers in a deeper way.

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