AR without barriers

In 2019 the Augmented Reality industry turned a key corner in its trajectory towards democratisation. As with native apps back in 2010, there’s been both excitement about the potential but also confusion about the possibilities of WebAR. The reach and accessibility that WebAR can deliver opens up many new possibilities for brands and businesses who are excited about the notion of AR but have had reservations surrounding app downloads.

What is WebAR?
Simply, WebAR refers to augmented reality that can be accessed from a web browser, rather than a native app, enabling a much more seamless user journey from scan to experience.

Frictionless augmented reality
Removing the need to search for and download an app reduces the number of steps a user has to take between awareness and experience. Fundamentally, WebAR means less friction and more effective AR experiences, customers can simply enjoy the in-the-moment experience.

Broader audience reach
Compared to traditional AR campaigns with native apps, WebAR offers wider reach and scale. With 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, the distribution opportunity alone has been enough to turn brands’ heads as they look to free themselves from apps.

How it works
A user is sent to a URL (direct link or by QR code), the browser app on your mobile phone gives permission to your camera and loads the experience via the browser.

Most devices can now scan QR codes directly via the camera app. Any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later can scan natively via the camera. However for Android, QR code reading support varies between device and manufacturer, some may use the camera app but if not, there are a number of credible QR scanning apps on Google Play for older android phones and models.

But as with all things technical, the fact remains that WebAR, while possible, is not a good enough reason to simply execute AR unless it delivers a genuine end user experience. We believe a well articulated strategy is required for it to be robust, scalable and effective.What we know from our experience is that the AR landscape, especially as it pertains to WebAR, will continue to evolve and improve at pace. We are committed to ensuring that our products and services at Dreemar are also able to deliver all types of AR experiences as the industry continuously evolves.